Lifting is done by the lift table,
… people operate it.

Basis of Ergonomics


Catalog 2022

Lifting & Working Tables product catalogue from Reinhold Beck Maschinenbau GmbH

Lift tables. Work tables. Special constructions.

We have created a new complete catalogue. Over the past few months we have put a lot of ideas, thought and development into our new product catalogue of our ergonomic lift tables and work tables. Now we can proudly present it. What was particularly important to us is the fact that this catalogue not only presents the versatile products in a clearly structured way. It also deals with the - from our point of view - very important topic of "ergonomics". Therefore, in addition to the products with detailed photos, technical data and product descriptions, you will also find valuable tips for ergonomic working.

On this page you can download the catalogue in digital form as a PDF file or simply browse through it digitally. On the page you will also find the order form as a download file. We welcome your questions and comments about our catalogue – and of course also about our products.


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